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Your Diagram TitleIntegration to SQL → .: 100. → Forecast: 60Conclusion → Calibrating: 40WORLDOMETER → Integration to SQL: 30BNO News → Integration to SQL: 30JHU CSEE → Integration to SQL: 30Conclusion → Forecasting: 30Conclusion → Decision Making: 30. → Dashboard: 20. → Insight: 20Forecast → Compartment model: 20Forecast → Machine Learning: 15Simulation → Conclusion: 11DXY CHN → Integration to SQL: 10Dashboard → Real Time: 10Dashboard → Historical: 10Insight → Pattern: 10Insight → Ratio: 10My Own Model → Predict 2nd Wave: 10Real Time → Conclusion: 10Historical → Conclusion: 10Pattern → Conclusion: 10Ratio → Conclusion: 10Forecast → Statistics: 10Forecast → My Own Model: 10Predict 2nd Wave → Conclusion: 10Compartment model → Analytical Math: 7Compartment model → ODE/PDE curve fit: 7Analytical Math → Conclusion: 7ODE/PDE curve fit → Conclusion: 7Compartment model → Simulation: 6Machine Learning → Linear Regression: 5Machine Learning → Logistic Regression: 5Machine Learning → Curve Regression: 5Linear Regression → Conclusion: 5Logistic Regression → Conclusion: 5Curve Regression → Conclusion: 5Forecast → Stochastic Branching: 5Stochastic Branching → Simulation: 5Statistics → Fit curve to prior data: 4Fit curve to prior data → Conclusion: 4Statistics → Moving Average: 3Statistics → Bolligner Bands: 3Moving Average → Conclusion: 3Bolligner Bands → Conclusion: 3Integration to SQL: 100Integration to SQLWORLDOMETER: 30WORLDOMETER.: 100.Dashboard: 20DashboardInsight: 20InsightConclusion: 100ConclusionCalibrating: 40CalibratingForecasting: 30ForecastingReal Time: 10Real TimeRatio: 10RatioPattern: 10PatternHistorical: 10HistoricalCurve Regression: 5Curve RegressionLogistic Regression: 5Logistic RegressionSimulation: 11SimulationPredict 2nd Wave: 10Predict 2nd WaveMoving Average: 3Moving AverageBolligner Bands: 3Bollinger BandsFit curve to prior data: 4Fit curve to prior dataLinear Regression: 5Linear RegressionAnalytical Math: 7Analytical MathODE/PDE curve fit: 7ODE/PDE curve fitBNO News: 30BNO NewsJHU CSEE: 30JHU CSEEDXY CHN: 10DXY CHNMy Own Model: 10My Own ModelForecast: 60ForecastStatistics: 10StatisticsMachine Learning: 15Machine LearningStochastic Branching: 5Stochastic BranchingCompartment model: 20Compartment modelDecision Making: 30Decision Making