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Country Classification Based on my Model Parameters:

Your Diagram TitleCountry Classification → Unsaturated Bell Curve: 10Country Classification → Saturated Bell Curve: 10Country Classification → Multiple Wave: 7Country Classification → Exponent Growth: 4Multiple Wave → United States: 3Unsaturated Bell Curve → China: 2Saturated Bell Curve → Italy: 2Unsaturated Bell Curve → S Korea: 2Unsaturated Bell Curve → Japan: 2Unsaturated Bell Curve → Taiwan: 2Unsaturated Bell Curve → Hong Kong: 2Saturated Bell Curve → Spain: 2Saturated Bell Curve → Belgium: 2Saturated Bell Curve → New York: 2Saturated Bell Curve → New Jersey: 2China → Big Data tracing system: 2Multiple Wave → Saudi Arabia: 2Multiple Wave → Iran: 1Exponent Growth → World: 1Multiple Wave → Iraq: 1Exponent Growth → Brazil: 1Exponent Growth → Indonesia: 1Exponent Growth → Nigeria: 1S Korea → Big Data tracing system: 1Japan → Big Data tracing system: 1Taiwan → Big Data tracing system: 1Hong Kong → Big Data tracing system: 1S Korea → Advanced Health System: 1Japan → Advanced Health System: 1Taiwan → Advanced Health System: 1Hong Kong → Advanced Health System: 1Spain → Advanced Health System: 1Belgium → Advanced Health System: 1New York → Advanced Health System: 1New Jersey → Advanced Health System: 1United States → Advanced Health System: 1Spain → HIPAA like law: 1Belgium → HIPAA like law: 1New York → HIPAA like law: 1New Jersey → HIPAA like law: 1United States → HIPAA like law: 1United States → Deep culture and religion: 1Iran → Deep culture and religion: 1Iraq → Deep culture and religion: 1Brazil → Deep culture and religion: 1Indonesia → Deep culture and religion: 1Nigeria → Deep culture and religion: 1Italy → Advanced Health System: 1Italy → HIPAA like law: 1World → Deep culture and religion: 1Saudi Arabia → Advanced Health System: 1Saudi Arabia → Deep culture and religion: 1China: 2ChinaItaly: 2ItalyIran: 1IranS Korea: 2S KoreaJapan: 2JapanTaiwan: 2TaiwanHong Kong: 2Hong KongSpain: 2SpainBelgium: 2BelgiumNew York: 2New YorkNew Jersey: 2New JerseyIraq: 1IraqUnited States: 3United StatesCountry Classification: 31Country ClassificationSaudi Arabia: 2Saudi ArabiaUnsaturated Bell Curve: 10Unsaturated Bell CurveSaturated Bell Curve: 10Saturated Bell CurveDeep culture and religion: 8Deep culture and religionBrazil: 1BrazilIndonesia: 1IndonesiaNigeria: 1NigeriaWorld: 1WorldMultiple Wave: 7Multiple WaveExponent Growth: 4Exponent GrowthBig Data tracing system: 6Big Data tracing systemAdvanced Health System: 11Advanced Health SystemHIPAA like law: 6HIPAA like law